Best Coach Connection of April: Ipswich to Cambridge

Best CheckMyBus Connection for April: Ipswich to CambridgeSpring is finally here, and as the days get longer, the flowers begin to bloom and temperatures get warmer, it’s natural to want to finally spend some quality time outside. The UK is truly stunning in the spring as its countryside springs to life, and there is no shortage of wonderful destinations to choose from, such as the country’s renowned Bluebells in Norfolk and various estate gardens. This month, we recommended travelling between Ipswich and Cambridge for some of the best scenic spring strolls around.

Travel Between Ipswich and Cambridge

Cambridge and Ipswich can be easily reached from one another via coach, with National Express providing regular connections between the two.

Ipswich to Cambridge

Outdoor Fun in Ipswich

Outdoor Fun in Ipswich

Once a major port, the town of Ipswich is full of history and is a great place to enjoy the spring weather, with parks, market places and is even the setting of John Constable’s most well-known painting, “The Hay Wain.” Ipswich has a lot of beautiful green spaces, with the most prominent being Christchurch Park on the edge of the town centre. With beautiful gardens, a historic mansion, ponds and more than enough room for sport, the park is the perfect place to spend a sunny spring afternoon. The town is also home to stunning architecture, as evidenced by the Ancient House, Wolseys Gate, St. Lawrence Church, the Willis Building and so many other landmarks as well as the city’s signature timber framed buildings. Art lovers can take advantage of the Ipswich’s art galleries, like the Eyestorm Gallery or The John Russell Gallery. Just ten minutes outside of Ipswich is the quaint market town of Woodbridge, which has its own rich maritime history dating back to the Tudor times.

The fairly recent construction of the University of Suffolk has resulted in a lot of quick development along the city’s waterfront and the emergence of trendy bars and restaurants on the river’s east bank catered to students. Ipswich Market is also becoming a major attraction with its massive selection of delicious food, including jacket potatoes, Caribbean dishes and hog roasts. The culinary scene in general is alive and well in Ipswich, despite its small size, with a range of selection from French, Italian, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and of course modern British cuisine. Even the pickiest eaters are sure to find something they can enjoy.

Strolling through the Gardens of Cambridge

Strolling through the Gardens of Cambridge

Known by many for its elite university, Cambridge is simply sublime during the spring months as its beautifully diverse foliage can finally be seen. From snowdrops to crocuses, daffodils and tulips, just walking around the university’s grounds and surrounding city is a feast for the eyes, and makes you really feel that spring has arrived. Walking along the city’s River Cam and seeing some of the city’s most famous attractions, such as Stourbridge Common and the King’s College Chapel further heightens the entire experience. Better yet, you can punt along the river or even go kayaking to take in all the sights while making a bit of sport.

The city itself also offers plenty to see and do. The Ely Cathedral is the third oldest in the world with many parts being nearly 1000 years old, and is the perfect place to witness the city’s vast history. The city’s museum is a site worth seeing in its own right as it was previously used as a coaching in back in the 17th century, and houses plenty of household objects, paintings and other curiosities. For some more time outside, take a stroll along the Backs, which is quite literally the backside of the city’s colleges, and see some more iconic landmarks, such as the Mathematical Bridge and Bridge of Sighs amidst the blossoming springtime foliage.

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