National Express Unveils New Caetano Levante III Model

National Express Unveils New Caetano Levante III Model Since 2015, the manufacturing giant Caetano has been working on creating its next generation model, which has finally been revealed, the Caetano Levante III. The model will primarily be used by National Express, due to a partnership between the two companies. In fact, the coach provider recently announced that the model will gradually be incorporated into its fleet in accordance to the National Express replacement pattern. The super modern Caetano Levante III is making its first public appearance at Coach and Bus Live 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham.

New Generation of Coaches

There is much more to the Caetano Levante III than its sleek and modern exterior. It will be one of the most technologically advanced service vehicles yet, and will be fully equipped with Alcolock, DriveCam, a Driver Support System, and Lytx. Passengers can feel safer than ever with the model’s 10 camera CCTV system, monitoring anything that happens both inside and outside the coach. The new coaches are also expected to be an estimated .6m longer than the Levante II tri-axle, allowing for three additional seats on board. The extra seats will only add minimal weight due to improvements to the structure of the vehicle.

Complaints about discomfort due to cold spots, particularly by the entrance door will finally be addressed with an innovative new floor heating system. The underfloor heating is divided into four different zones to accommodate differences of temperature near the engine and the cooler front, by the door. The shift to floor heating from parameter heating has the added benefit of removing water pipes, preventing potential leaks and creating valuable space for legroom by windows.

An Optimal Experience for Passengers

Passengers will be able to find plenty of ways to entertain themselves during long journeys with National Express’ free WiFi, and now each seat position will have access to two USB ports. The award winning VUER system provides passengers with thousands of hours of free films, TV series and magazine content. Even young children will find something to pacify themselves with thanks to National Express’ partnership with Turner Broadcasting. From 2018 on, important information about the trip, such as the time remaining to the destination, the coach’s current location and any road work ahead will be available to passengers at any time.

Disabled passengers will find boarding the bus easier than ever, since the Levante III will utilise National Express’ industry leading Hidrel wheelchair lift, which is expected to work for most electric wheelchairs. More handrails and floor lighting are also expected to further the provider’s commitment to being fully wheelchair accessible.

Benefits for Drivers

The Caetano Levante III’s new features don’t only appeal to passengers, but also consider the comfort and convenience of the driver as well. Redesigned cab windows and mirrors improve visibility and make it easier to maneuver the bus. A new dash board with better controls, easier access to the WiFi and CCTV box, larger seats for both the driver and co-driver, and bigger footrests that slide from the top step are other upgrades that National Express coach drivers can look forward to.

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