• Frequently Asked Questions about the Coach(FAQ)


    Here, you will find the most frequently asked questions for travelling in the UK by bus. The coach is not only the cheapest way to travel in the United Kingdom, but also the most eco-frinedly. Thanks to coach companies, such as National Express, FlixBus and megabus, bus travel is much easier than before. Apart from the low price tickets, traveling by bus offers you advantages of taking extra luggage compared to air or rail, free and fast Wi-Fi on board as well as XXL legroom with reclining seats. Simply enjoy a cheap and comfortable bus trip! In addition, this extensive coverage allowed us to have very cheap ticket prices and a…

  • Best Coach Connection of April: Ipswich to Cambridge

    Spring is finally here, and as the days get longer, the flowers begin to bloom and temperatures get warmer, it’s natural to want to finally spend some quality time outside. The UK is truly stunning in the spring as its countryside springs to life, and there is no shortage of wonderful destinations to choose from, such as the

  • Best Coach Connection of March: Birmingham and Belfast

    It’s March, which means that spring is just around the corner. As it begins to slowly get warmer outside, it becomes much easier to think about the perfect place to get away for a weekend holiday. Halfway through the month is Saint Patrick’s Day and cities throughout the UK make the holiday a momentous occasion with

  • Best Coach Connection of February: Penrith and Edinburgh

    With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, what better way to spend the holiday with your loved one than to explore some of the UK’s most romantic sites. From the iconic streets of London, the beautiful mountains of northern Wales and the dramatic Scottish Highlands, there is no shortage of amazing sites to visit in

  • Best Coach Connection of December: Bath to London

    From big city hustle to small town charm, the UK is truly a magical place to be during the holiday season. The Christmas spirit runs throughout the entire country, and it’s very difficult to go wrong when choosing the best destination for Christmas this year, but we do recommend

  • National Express Unveils New Caetano Levante III Model

    Since 2015, the manufacturing giant Caetano has been working on creating its next generation model, which has finally been revealed, the Caetano Levante III. The model will primarily be used by National Express, due to a partnership between the two companies. In fact,

  • 63% of UK citizens never travel by bus within the United Kingdom

    Following the publication of the special Eurobarometer “Autocar Services”, it is confirmed that buses have a decent reputation among users in the UK. This study, carried out by TNS UK for the European Commission, analyses the coach services in different European countries. The report includes: the number of users, occasions and