• 10 Clichés about the United Kingdom


    The United Kingdom is a popular destination for travellers all over the world. Its famous monuments, extensive museums, gorgeous countryside and quaint villages, paints a lovely picture of the country’s inhabitants. Well-mannered, football enthusiasts and avid tea drinkers are among the first clichés that spring

  • 10 Tips to Travel on a Budget


    For a lot of people, the possibility of travelling can seem like an unattainable luxury, especially for university students and recent graduates. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With a bit of smart planning and a few adjustments, you can definitely squeeze in some adventures even with a tight budget. Below are some

  • Plan Amazing Day Trips from London for Less Than £20


    Living in London is not always easy on the bank account, and with the hustle and bustle of city life, taking some time to get away from it all can do a world of good. The good news is that travelling doesn’t have to be expensive! There are so many amazing nearby places you can explore and with CheckMyBus, you don’t have to break the bank getting there. Below are ten brilliant day trips you can plan for less than £20! Stonehenge One of the UK’s most iconic monuments, Stonehenge dates all the way back to the Bronze Age and has mystified visitors ever since. Outside the visitor centre, you…

  • Rock Out This Summer at Some of the UK’s Biggest Music Festivals!


    Summer is right around the corner, which means cities across the country are gearing up to host major music festivals. With top talent like Ariana Grande, Twenty-One Pilots, Tame Impala and Childish Gambino touring, there’s really no shortage of performances to enjoy. With

  • 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France: Catch the Matches by Coach!

    Female football players huddling together

    The eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be taking place in France this year. For the first time in the competition’s history, the Hexagonal will be hosting the best women’s football teams from 5 continents from 7 June – 7 July in iconic stadiums throughout

  • How to Pass the Time During a Layover

    When planning a long-distance trip, it’s natural to prefer a direct route over one with a layover. However when searching for cheap flights, those with layovers are often the cheapest. Whether you’re looking to save money or there’s no other alternative, why not make the most of your layover? Here are some of our tips to

  • Discover the Top 10 European Cities for the Perfect Weekend Getaway!

    Spring is right around the corner and as the days get longer and warmer, the idea of taking weekend trips to the continent becomes more appealing. The good news is that you can travel between European cities by bus without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed city break or want to

  • Top Ten Cities in the UK to Live and Work In


    While travelling is often associated with far off places, different cultures and a change of scenery, there’s usually plenty of adventure to be had in our own back yards. Looking at how people in nearby cities live can be eye-opening and help you reevaluate your own city, and for people looking to

  • 10 Tips to be a Responsible Traveller

    When travelling to far off places, it’s easy to get lost in your own experience, from the romance of seeing so many exciting new locales to the hustle to get from place to place. However, an exciting excursion to you is everyday life to someone else, and the choices we make as tourists can drastically affect

  • Three Travel Risks to be Aware of in Worst Case Brexit Scenario

    Unless there is an extension, on 29 March the United Kingdom will leave the European Union whether an exit deal is in place or not. No matter what happens, the travel terms between the United Kingdom and the EU will change. In the event of a no deal Brexit, it’s essential for passengers to be prepared for