Top 10 cheapest European capitals

The best travel bargains for your next budget holiday

Europe has a lot to offer aside from mainstream destinations like London, Berlin or Madrid. Have you ever been to Tirana? The Albanian capital city is characterised by Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman architecture and thus offers a matchless versatility, which you can enjoy for only £61.12 per day. Even cheaper are holidays in the Latvian capital city Riga. On an average day in the European Capital of Culture 2013, you’ll only need to spend £59.70, which makes Riga a true insider tip for anyone looking for a budget city break. The Top 3 in our City Breaks Price Index are certainly also worth a trip. Bucharest is an architectural gem, Skopje has managed to transform itself into a true modern metropolis thanks to the project “Skopje 2014” and Kiev scores with museums, urban beaches and a history, which goes back to the 6th century. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian capital, which was nicknamed “Jerusalem of the East” due to its many churches and monasteries, is our top pick for a bargain holiday destination. You’ll only have to spend £42.71 on an average day there.

Top 10: The Most Budget-Friendly European Capitals

  • 10. Ankara (Turkey): With remains of the Roman and Ottoman Empires at every corner, Ankara is perfect for lovers of ancient cultures. What's best: there's no need to rob a bank to enjoy your stay in the Turkish capital.

  • 9. Tirana (Albania): The city of Tirana is a mosaic of Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman styles, which makes it one of the most diverse places on our list of affordable travel destinations.

  • 8. Riga (Latvia): The Latvian capital was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013 - with good reason. Its Art Nouveau buildings and its modern and open flair make it the perfect non-mainstream city trip destination.

  • 7. Belgrade (Serbia): Your next holiday is supposed to include a boat ride on the Danube river? Then opt for Serbia's capital Belgrade instead of Vienna to get more bang for your buck!

  • 6. Podgorica (Montenegro): Forget about Ibiza and St. Moritz! Being very close to seaside resorts and winter sports centres, Montenegro's capital city Podgorica is the perfect budget alternative for your next action holiday.

  • 5. Minsk (Belarus): Minsk is not on everyone's bucket list, but it should be! The city's long and eventful history have resulted in diverse architecture and cultural entertainments.

  • 4. Sofia (Bulgaria): Sofia is much more than 1€-beer: numerous art galleries, huge museums and a world-renowned National Ballet have consolidated the city's reputation as a destination well worth a visit.

  • 3. Bucharest (Romania): Its architectural elegance and overall sophistication led to the city's nickname: Little Paris. One thing Bucharest has over the original: it's way more affordable!

  • 2. Skopje (Macedonia): The project "Skopje 2014" marked the beginning of the cities journey towards modernity. Cool, new buildings can now be found right next to Byzantine structures, which makes our Nr. 2 so very intriguing.

  • 1. Kiev (Ukraine): No other capital in Europe is as affordable as Kiev. The city offers sandy beaches on numerous islands, dozens of museums and hundreds of activities. If you're planning a budget city trip, make Kiev your next destination!

City Breaks Price Index: A Detailed Look at Europe’s Capitals