Top 10 most expensive European capitals

Are these metropolises worth a visit despite their price tag?

Paris – the world-renowned city of love – is truly not a bargain. One day there will set you back £189.23 on average. You might even consider visiting the Eternal City Rome, where you’ll only have to spend £143.84 to get to know Bella Italia. Still more expensive are the Scandinavian metropolises. In Reykjavík, the capital city of the myth-enshrouded island Iceland, you’ll have to spend about £291.04 on a one-day-break. Our undisputed number one, however, is Copenhagen – a city made famous by Scandi style and its Hygge way of life. We’d still recommend a trip to the the home of the Danish monarchy, even though you should be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on your getaway. There’s a reason why the Danish capital city is one of the most popular travel destinations right now and why so many tourists are willing to spend about £295.50 on a day there. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option for your northern adventure, we’d recommend Stockholm – the largest city of Scandinavia. With an average cost of £160.90 per day, you could nearly call it a bargain! Yet, still expensive enough to have made it into our Top 10 of Europe’s priciest capitals.

Top 10: These European capitals are not really budget friendly

  • 10. Stockholm (Sweden): The home of the Nobel Prize has a lot to offer, from the Vasa Museum to cruises on the Baltic Sea. What's best: It's one of the more affordable Scandinavian capitals on our list.

  • 9. Valletta (Malta): With only 6,444 inhabitants, the Maltese capital city with its many Baroque palaces still managed to make its way onto the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Make your way there now before it gets more expensive!

  • 8. Luxembourg City (Luxembourg): Luxembourg is one of the world's most important centres for banking. A few trips to the cash machine will most likely be in order during your stay.

  • 7. Oslo (Norway): People who travel to Oslo are prepared to pay a bit more. Our tip: If you like beer, in particular, then you might consider looking for another destination.

  • 6. Paris (France): "Non, je ne regrette rien" is what Edith Piaf sang. We're sure you won't regret a trip to Paris either - even though it is not the cheapest of destinations.

  • 5. Dublin (Ireland): Dublin's party district Temple Bar is well-known for its many pubs, restaurants and clubs. Be prepared to pay a bit more for your pint of Guinness!

  • 4. Amsterdam (Netherlands): Bicycles, canals and a glorious nightlife - Amsterdam is famous for many things... unfortunately, relatively high prices are one of them.

  • 3. Bern (Switzerland): The Swiss capital city frequently features on rankings of cities with the highest quality of life - for tourists, however, a trip to Bern can be expensive.

  • 2. Reykjavik (Iceland): Geysirs and the Viking Clap - the Icelandic tourism industry is booming. But: the more popular the remote country becomes, the more expensive it gets.

  • 1. Copenhagen (Denmark): Everyone knows that Scandinavia is fairly expensive but Copenhagen tops it all. Can the beauty of the city make up for it? Decide yourself!

City Breaks Price Index: A Detailed Look at Europe’s Capitals