How to be a Green Tourist: Guide to Eco Travelling by Bus

In recent years, climate change has become more and more relevant topic, especially when it comes to travel. And for good reason. As travel has become increasingly accessible and affordable, our carbon foot prints continue to grow. This can lead to drastic consequences for the environment. Moreover, this is where being a green tourist can help.
Fortunately, there are more eco-friendly ways to travel. Did you know taking the bus creates significantly less C02 than passenger cars? Shifting from private cars to buses and trains can make a big difference in emissions.

Discover More about Green Travel

Naturally, when travelling it’s always best to be a green tourist. But what is the best way to go about this? There are many tips and a lot of information out there to shrink your carbon footprint. See which countries have the greenest policies, the benefits of eco-tourism or how coaches are becoming more sustainable.

Making responsible choices when travelling can make a big impact! Not only can your choices help the great environment, but also the local communities you’re visiting. Furthermore, by applying eco-friendly behaviour when travelling, you can help other green tourists enjoy your destination! 

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