Amazing Destinations to Give you Inspiration for your Next Trip!

travel inspirations with checkmybus

There is always a passion for travelling when planning a new adventure, but finding inspiration and the right place is not always a simple task. With so many countries around the world, it is easy to get lost during the search.

Do you know that Eureka moment? That light-bulb moment that suddenly sets your pulse racing. Then, you know that your heart has picked the right destination.

For those real adventurers, where a simple trip to the beach isn’t enough, we have created the CheckMyBus travel guide full of amazing inspirational destinations for your next trip!

CheckMyBus Travel Guide & inspiration

Now that you know where to go, it´s time to find out more about the place. What activities can I do? What else is there besides the top destinations? If those questions are already crossing your mind, don´t worry! We have everything you are looking for!

The UK, Thailand, the USA, Brazil or Spain are just some of the most amazing and inspirational destinations that we have to offer you.

Travel the world with just one click!​

In recent years, travelling has become more expensive than ever. Due to the current situation, it is even harder as many countries are opening and closing borders on a weekly basics.

Using the CheckMyBus app, available for Android and iOS, you will find the cheapest and best connections to plan your trip.

Also, you can decide how many people are travelling, the departure date, arrival point, and means of transportation. All with a single click!

Tips for your next trip!

travel tips for inspiration

Besides sharing wonderful places that you can easily travel to by bus and other inspiration, our goal is to make lasting memories.

In this blog, you will find useful information that will further help you when planning your next trip.

Discover exclusive tips about luggage on the bus to the best ways to find the cheapest tickets. Check out our FAQ and Support sections for more info and enjoy your trip!