Gotta Catch ‘Em All: 10 Top Pokémon Nests in the UK

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Looking for Pokémon is a lot of fun but it can also be quite frustrating once you’ve reached a certain level in Pokemon Go. The common Drowzee or Rattata does not tickle your fancy anymore and you don’t even care wasting a pokéball? And even fairly rare Pokémon promising exciting evolutions are already registered in your Pokédex? Then it seems like you have to put a bit more research into your search in order to find the very specific Pokémon you’re still missing. A good place to start are nests, where rare Pokémon spawn. We fill you in on the top 10 Pokémon nests in the UK.

Update: Pokémon Nests found by our readers:

  • Hazelbank Park / Belfast – Charmander nest
  • Titanic Building / Belfast – Squirtle nest
  • Selly Oak Park / Birmingham – Pinsir nest
  • Roath Park / Cardiff – Growlithe nest
  • Troon beach / Troon in Ayrshire, Scotland – Magnemite and Voltorb nest
  • Rhuddlan Golf Club / Rhuddlan, North Wales – Charmander nest
  • Regent’s Park / London – Diglett nest
  • Mini Monsterz / Whitby – Eevee and Squirtle nest
  • Jubilee Park / Orpington – Onix nest
  • South side of Airthrey Loch / Stirling – Ghastly (used to be Electabuzz)
  • On-campus Halls of Residence, University of Stirling / Stirling – Exeggute
  • North of the loch / Stirling University – Rhyhorn and Magmar
  • Banks of the loch / Stirling – Dratini and Dragonair
  • Cottrell building / Stirling – Dragonite (several of them spotted there in August – if anyone has an update, leave a reply in the comments below)
  • University of Kent, outside library / Canterbury – Bulbasaur spawn locations
  • Golf course towards Littlebourne – Charmander nest
  • War memorial / Padstow – Doduo nest


Future updates might change existing nests and spawns

A word of adviceA word of advice: In order to make the game more exciting, spawns and nests change from time to time. For instance, it is argued that the last update has transformed many Charmander nests into places for Bulbasaurs to spawn. If you know of any recent changes or have advice on more rare nests, you can tell us – and the other players – in the comments.
Top Pokémon Nests in the UK

Tower of London, London – Dragonite

The Queen’s crown jewels have always been well protected. This time it’s a rare Dragonite taking good care of them. There have been rumours that the Dragonites at the Tower spawn in the early morning hours and that they can actually be found more often in the inner part of the Tower. Thinking about paying the entrance fee to get your personal Dragonite? We believe the money won’t go to waste since you can use your stay at the Tower to learn a bit more about British history as well.

Stepney Green, Imperial War Museum, London – Eevee

While the Imperial War Museum used to be in the hands of Dratinis, the latest update seems to have transformed the spawn into an Eevee one. This is good news for many London based trainers. While Dratini has only two forms of evolution, Eevee actually has three (original forms excluded). So if you catch enough of the furry monsters, you can welcome a total of four new Pokémon to your collection.

Brueton Park, Solihull – Bulbasaur

One of the starter Pokémon seems to spawn fairly regularly at Brueton Park in Solihull. If you’re new to the game that’s important to know: As a Solihull trainer, you should rather pick Squirtle or Charmander as your first Pokémon and then make your way to Brueton Park to catch a wild Bulbasaur. This way it’s easier to complete your Pokédex.

Parkwood Springs, Sheffield – Magmar

In the 19th century, Sheffield was one of the UK’s most important centres of steel production. And what do you need to produce steel? – Fire! No wonder that the fire-type Pokémon Magmar feels so at home there and regularly spawns at Parkwood Springs.

Bute Park, Cardiff – Pikachu

According to Twitter and Reddit users, Bute Park in Cardiff is filled with Pikachus. Although the little yellow Pokémon can be hatched from 2km eggs as well, it is still a very popular one to have because it’s the main Pokémon of the TV show’s hero Ash Ketchum. Also think about this: You only need to catch 13 Pikachus to evolve them into a Raichu.

East Park, Hull – Doduo

Rumour has it that Hull’s East Park currently acts as a Doduo hive. So if you haven’t already registered one of the two-headed bird Pokémon in your Pokédex, you should make your way down to the park quickly. After all, who knows what the next update might bring? You might get a Pidgey nest…

Alexandra Palace, London – Squirtle

Ally Pally is one of the UK’s most well-known spots to catch Pokémon. It has become particularly famous for its regular spawns of Squirtles – both before and after the update, which shows that not every nest is now inhabited by another type of Pokémon. Even if you have enough of them and have managed to make them evolve into a Blastoise, you should take a trip up to the Alexandra Palace. Reddit users have reported of Aerodactyls, Dragonites, Clefairys and an unusually high amount of Eevees.

Holland Park, London – Bulbasaur

Holland Park in the west of London is a good place to catch Pokémon, especially so if you’re on the hunt for a Bulbasaur. The plant-type Pokémon seems to be very at home in Holland Park and rumour has it that there’s plenty of other creatures hanging around that area as well.

Primrose Hill, London – Cubone

Primore Hill is good for a walk, for picnics and for watching the fireworks at Guy Fawkes’s Night. However, lately it’s also one of London’s hotspots for catching Pokémon. With a regular spawn of Cubones, you should take a trip up to Primrose Hill, if you haven’t already registered this small but feisty Pokémon in your Pokédex.

Greenwich Park, London – Abra

According to online gossip, the small but very powerful psychic Pokémon Abra frequently appears in Greenwich Park. In general, Greenwich Park seems to be the place to be to catch Pokémon in London with appearances made by Dragonites and Vaporeons. Once you’re finished in the park, you can also make your way to the O2, where lure parties are held every now and then.

What about Scotland and Northern Ireland?
Hope our little guide helps you catch some of those rare Pokémon you’ve been missing so far. Also: We’re sorry for everyone from Scotland and Northern Ireland. Even after endless hours of research, we were not able to confirm any noteworthy nest up north. If you have spotted some good ones or heard rumours about interesting hives and nests, tell us in the comments!

Speaking of insider tips, Giles just reported a “mad nest” of Charmanders at “Hazelbank Park” in Belfast. Thanks, Giles!

And some Squirtles have been spotted beside the Titanic Belfast! Thanks for the tip, Jonny!

Add Selly Oak Park in Birmingham to the list, which, as Matt reports, “is an active Pinsir nest”! Thanks, Matt!

In the meantime, you can get the coach to reach one of the nests on our list. A ticket from Glasgow to London, for instance can be booked starting from £10. You might even catch some on the bus. Pro Tip: Check for a bus company offering free WiFi on the coach. 😉

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  • Dean Griffith

    Wrexham, Erddig gate is a pikachu nest. Every time i walked past I got one. This was a few years ago so I’m not sure now…

  • Canterbury guy

    Canterbury has two nests that may prove useful for people:

    At the university of Kent, outside the library, there’s a 3-4 spawn locations where bulbasaurs will regularly appear;

    At the golf course, towards Littlebourne, lots of Charmanders appear – I caught 11 in a couple of hours a few days back!

    Both these nests have been consistent before and after the server updates.

  • Calgacus

    I work at the University of Stirling in Central Scotland.

    Until the last migration the campus here was alive with Scythers (on the south side of Airthrey Loch) and Voltorbs (around the on-campus Halls of Residence). Now they’ve been replaced respectively by Electobuzz and Exeggutes.

    There are still quite a few Dragonairs and Dratinis on the banks of the loch (I caught one of the former and three of the latter on Tuesday), and I, personally, have seen three Dragonites around the Cottrell building (although that was in August).

    Good complement of other Pokemon too.

    Hope any first year students coming to the uni to start the new semester next weekend have a good time hunting here.



    • Avatar photo


      Hey David,

      thanks a lot for all the info. The students at the University of Stirling will certainly appreciate it (and some of the lecturers as well, I guess). 😉

      • Calgacus


        An update for the University of Stirling following the late September nest migration – it’s a bit disappointing.

        Instead of Electrabuzz there are now Gastlys. It took me a while to spot the change as Gastlys spawned here before – but their numbers are now way up.

        North of the loch, the Exeggucute spawn has been changed to (and split between) Rhyhorn and Magmars. I caught three Rhyhorn in about 10 minutes during my lunch break yesterday (only one Magmar, but I’ve seen as many as three spawning at a time when I’ve been at my desk).

        • Avatar photo


          Hey Calgacus,

          many thanks for the update, even though it was not a good one for your region. Here’s hoping that the next update brings better pokémon back to Stirling University!

  • Sarah

    Mini Monsterz in Whitby, North Yorkshire is an Eevee nest. I have caught up to about 10 in an hour and managed to evolve lots of Vaporeons, Flareons and Jolteon. Great CP level on the Eevees too with the highest one caught being about 621.

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