The eco-friendly tourist! Are you one too?


Tourism and an eco-friendly mindset should go hand-in-hand. After all, everything that involves the tourism industry impacts the natural, cultural and economic environment of a place. Sustainable tourism aims to minimize the negative effects of tourism and leave a positive impact.

How about you? Are you an ecological tourist? Because your choices and attitudes as a tourist can also affect people’s environment and lives.

Eco-friendly Tourism

Moreover, the CheckMyBus team is committed to the task of finding all the details so that you can understand and be an eco-friendly tourist traveling by bus. Today, we are going to show you what it is to be a sustainable tourist.

Discover the details to become an eco-friendly tourist

  • When choosing a destination, try to find out about the local culture, if there is any limitation of natural resources, such as water or energy. For example, what are the region’s resources? This can help you plan for visits and tours.
  • Always give preference to local businesses and small producers in the region so that tourism money circulates within the community itself.
  • Of course you already know: choosing a less polluting means of transport is very important. Among public transport, the bus is the best option! Buses are hundreds of times less polluting than airplanes and carry ten times more people than cars, in addition to being safer.
  • Upon reaching your destination, visit environmental conservation sites, museums and honor regional cuisine. All this helps the maintenance of spaces and projects developed by the community.
  • During the trip, behave as if you were at home. Take care of everything as if it were yours: turn off the lights and air conditioning when you leave a room, close the windows and don’t waste water.
Eco-friendly Tourism

After all, if you are already an ecological tourist and practice these actions, then congratulations! You can also write to us to share your travel tips and advice.

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Stay TunedStay tuned: If you like camping check our advice for Eco-Tourism tips. Do you have any suggestions? So leave your tip here in the comments!

The CheckMyBus team wishes you a safe trip!

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