Comfort and services on the coach

Which features are offered on the bus?

CheckMyBus Support ComfortAre you looking for more information about the comfort and services available in the coaches? Do you want to know if WiFi or electrical outlets are available to use? With CheckMyBus you’ll learn all about the amenities available in the Intercity bus – from the air-conditioning to restrooms, to leg-room and accessibility.
Is there a Media Center available? Are snacks and drinks available to purchase and is a seat- reservation possible?
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Service and comfort on the coach

Inexpensive intercity bus travel is no longer a new topic today. Due to myriad market campaigns and promotion tools from the UK bus providers, such as National Express and megabus UK, the image of inexpensive intercity coach travel has been rooted in most people’s mind. However, a common question that goes hand in hand with low price is quality. In order to create a positive image, most of the major UK bus companies are making strenuous efforts to steadily enhance their service quality and comfort by adding a variety of attractive facilities aboard the coach. Apart from the free luggage policy and convenient on-board restroom, some great features like power sockets, extra leg room, soft reclining seats and most importantly, free and fast Wi-Fi are waiting for you! CheckMyBus gives you an overview over amenities aboard the intercity bus. Let’s take a look!

Comfortable facilities on board

A coach can take you from city to city, as well as from country to country, and it might take some time before you reach your destination. Thus, on board amenities hugely influence the comfort and satisfaction of passengers’ intercity bus ride. As price is no longer the only factor that drives the intercity bus industry, most of the coach providers in the UK have already realized that service quality is an indispensable element for every coach trip.

Comfort and services on the coachTherefore, they have enhanced the service level of the intercity coach itself. A lot of UK bus providers use modernised coach models. The newer buses share some great characteristics: a longer coach body increases on-board space, ensuring XXL legroom and higher flexibility of the reclining seats. Moreover, the enlarged compartment area allows you to take some luggage items in the cabin. Bulky luggage, such as bicycles or skis can be stored on the bus as well, however most companies will ask you to register oversized items when booking your ticket.

National Express, for instance, uses six bus types, among which Caetano Levante, the model exclusively used by National Express, is operating on the main coach lines and is the size of 12.6 m with 8 m³ of free luggage compartment. Besides, Eurolines UK recently introduced their “Plus” bus fleet that provides even larger area and wider seats than the existing ones. The Oxford Tube, among other coach providers, operates double decker buses which offer passengers a greater view of London and Oxford. Besides, it has specified space for wheel chair devices and low floor step free entrance, which provides great convenience for disabled passengers when getting on board.

With all these features granted, lighting system and air conditioning above your head included, travelling by coach can be as agreeable as resting on your couch at home! Moreover, major bus providers always attempt to bring passengers clean and safe coach travel experiences by maintaining the cabinet and on-board restroom clean and fresh. On top of that, children booster seats are frequently applied on the buses of Eurolines UK and National Express, making sure that passengers will have a comfortable and secure coach journey!

Internet and Entertainment

The major UK bus providers consider passenger experience an essential advantage that they will make every effort to achieve in order to maintain ridership. Providing a pleasant coach experience, however, also means constantly adapting to the customers’ needs, which might change over time. Nowadays, for instance, entertainment is one of the major concerns of the bus companies.

One simple way of catering to modern passengers’ wishes is to have free, reliable and fast Wi-Fi on board. Nowadays, there are 40 million people in the UK using internet on a daily basis and over 60% of them use their mobile devices to access online content. Hence, most of the coach providers in the UK are devoted to equipping their buses with standard 4G/3G Wi-Fi network. This includes Eurolines UK, megabus, National Express and many others.

With this crucial feature on board, passengers will definitely know how to make the most of their travel time. No matter if it is to socialize on Facebook or Twitter, stay in touch with friends or family, watch favourite online videos or TV series as well as take photos and upload on Instagram – free Wi-Fi helps them stay entertained and turns the entire intercity bus trip into an enjoyable experience. The coach providers offer a reliable network throughout the journey and save passengers unnecessary cost that might occur when using their own mobile network.

Moreover, this free service offers a big advantage to students and business travellers as they can continue with their work before they reach their desired destinations.

An even more entertaining feature can be found on some of the continental buses, which are going to London. The German coach company FlixBus, for example, offers a Media Centre on board of their coaches. This allows passengers to access a wide array of tv shows, film, music and e-books, which can be easily streamed on the customer’s own smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this feature, taking the coach is basically as comfortable and enjoyable as going by plane. A similar feature can be found on some National Express coaches as well. In November 2016, the coach company launched VUER (short for View – Unwind – Enjoy – Relax), an infotainment system, which gives passengers access to films, tv shows magazines and even Sky Sports News.

Concerned about consuming all the battery before reaching your destination? Free power sockets on board keep passengers’ devices 100% charged during the whole trip so that you can sit back and enjoy, footloose and fancy free. All in all, free Wi-Fi service combined with charging facilities are the perfect combination for making every coach trip as enjoyable as can be.

Food and Beverage

In order to simplify the service and deliver more flexibility for the bus travellers, the major UK bus providers allow them to take their own food and drinks aboard. Plus, bus providers like Eurolines UK and National Express normally make stops at service stations during a long distance trip, where passengers can purchase food and beverages. In spite of this availability, passengers must be aware that the food they bring on the coach should be cold and not emit any smell that might disturb other passengers on board. In addition, hot drinks should have a lid and the general beverage must be non-alcoholic.


For passengers who travel at night, megabus UK has recently brought out a new overnight sleeper coach between London and Glasgow. This new night bus service travels usually between 23:00 and 8:00 on seven nights per week. Buses are equipped with bunks for each passenger, which have a reading light, curtains, pillows, quilts as well as blankets. In addition, the sleeper coaches also provide passengers with access to an on-board restroom, free Wi-Fi, food and beverages. There is also an overnight pack available that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of water, an eye mask and a luggage label, guaranteeing for a sound sleep while travelling from city to city.

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  1. What are the rules for travelling with Children and babies under two years old? Do I need a car seat, can I book one on the coach?

    1. Dear Leanne,

      Thank you for your message. In the UK, minibus and coach drivers are not required to provide child seats for their vehicles. This is considered the responsibility of the individual parents, so many bus companies do not offer them. While on the coach, a child can travel without one if there isn’t one present. With this said, different bus providers also have their own rules, so if you’re unsure, it’s best to contact the provider directly to see what is acceptable.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  2. My daughter is planning to travel from Tarragona to Barcelona airport by bus with her nine month old son. Are there any restrictions regarding child seats etc that we should be aware of. She was hoping to be able to avoid carrying a child seat with her as she will already have a pushchair and suitcase to contend with.

    1. Dear Duncan,

      Generally, it should not be a problem for you to take a child seat on board. However, this could vary from provider to provider, so we suggest getting in touch with the bus company you booked your ticket with to make sure it’s alright. We also recommend showing up early to your bus stop and giving the coach company some notice about your situation, such as sending an email with the items you’d like to take on board. This is the best way to make sure there’s enough space on the bus and that you won’t encounter any problems.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

    1. Dear Peter,

      while intercity buses on longer distances are equipped with toilet facilities, companies might use more standard buses on shorter services or airport connections. We recommend getting in touch with the provider Bus Éireann directly (customercare(at) in order to make sure that there’s toilets on every bus used on this route.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus-Support

  3. Coming on WestJet from Canada arriving 10 am Oct 12 and want to know how to get self and luggage onto bus from the airport. Also think there is a bus leaving for Derby at 11:50 am when our plane arrives at 10. Is it realistic to be to clear customs, get luggage and then try to find our way to the National Bus from the North Terminal at Gatwick? Is there a shuttle from the airport to the buses? Where do you catch that? I am concerned about hauling luggage around to make connections and then haul if not onto a bus. Will want to repeat this when I return Nov. 2 from Derby to Gatwick. At that time my flights leaves at 10:35 am. What bus should I catch in Derby to get to Gatwick, clear customs and be on time for my flight? Please send information and helpful tips to:

    Kathy Lea [Canada]

    1. Dear Cathy,

      National Express operates direct connections from Gatwick to Derby. Unfortunately, there is no bus to Derby at 11:50 am but there is one at 12:55 pm, which will get you to Derby by 18:30. Since you arrive at Gatwick at 10 am, you will have plenty of time to get your luggage and to clear customs. Even if your flight is a bit delayed, you should be able to make the bus. The bus to Derby departs at Gatwick North Terminal: You can find the bus stop on the lower level just outside the international arrivals gate.

      For your return journey, you can get the National Express bus from Derby at 02:25 am. The bus will arrive at Gatwick North Terminal at 8:25 am, which will give you two hours to check in.

      You can find all the information and every available bus trip from Derby to Gatwick and back on our main page. Simply enter your points of departure and arrival as well as the date of travel and pick the option which suits you best.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus-Support

  4. Hello checkmybus, can you tell me if Wifi is available? Want to travel from milano – munich (bavaria) fri – 06/02/2015. thank you

    1. Dear Giovanna,

      We’ve checked availability for you on Friday, 06th Feb 2015. Actually, you may travel with Baltour or MeinFernbus. The last-mentioned one is offering WiFi on board, free-of-charge.

      Best regards,

      Your CheckMyBus-Support

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