Train strikes in the UK – Updates and Alternatives

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Updates About the Most Recent Train Strikes

16; 18; 30/03/2023 and 1/04/2023: National rail strike by RMT

The RMT union has announced further nationwide rail strikes. The new strike dates are the most recent in a long-running dispute over compensation, jobs and working conditions that has been going on since June. RMT members working for 14 rail companies will undertake a series of 24-hours walkouts, creating significant disruption to travel on the strike days and impacting travels on alternate days. Besides that, RMT members working for Network Rail will be on strike on 16 March, running until 2am on 17 March.

1/02/2023 and 3/02/2023: National rail strike by RMT and Aslef unions

British train drivers will go on strike from the beginning of February with the first week alone hit by two-day nationwide action. The strike action on the network is likely to cause major travel disruption.

3; 4; 6; 7/01/2023: National rail strike by RMT

The countrywide rail strikes will result in minimal or no service across all train companies nationwide. The inconvenience caused by strikes could also affect the days following the end of the strike, resulting in delays in the services.

24/12/2022 (from 6 pm) until 27/12/2022 (to 6 am): National rail strike by RMT

Additional strike dates will be held during the critical Christmas period, with RMT union members walking out from 6 p.m. on December 24 to 7 a.m. on December 27. Although most trains aren’t running on December 25 and 26 anyway, those planning to take the train to visit loved ones on either side of Christmas Day will be impacted.

23/12/2022 and 24/12/2022: Rail strike action by Unite union

This action will affect East Midlands Railway only. 

16/12/2022 and 17/12/2022: National rail strike by RMT

The RMT union has announced that over 40,000 workers from Network Rail and 14 train operating companies will undertake a series of 48-hour walk-outs. Expect some disruption also between Sunday, December 18, 2022, and Monday, January 2, 2023, as some services may be cancelled on the day.

15/09/2022: Aslef Union Strike with 12 major companies

The Aslef union has communicated the intention to go on strike again on the 15th of September. Main Intercity routes as well as commuter services from all around England, Scotland and Wales will be interrupted for the entirety of the day. The strike will see participating members from 12 different operating companies.

18; 19; 20/08/2022: National Rail Strike from RMT, TSSA and London Tube

A major disruption will put trains on hold across the whole country. On August 18 workers from “Rail, Maritime and Transport union” (RMT) will go strike bring trains to halt for 14 train operators. In addition, TSSA union members will affect the trains of 7 companies. On Friday, August 19 knock-on effects will likely cause disruptions across the entire country while London will be impacted by an additional tube strike. Among others, the following rail companies will be on strike: Avanti West Coast, Thameslink, East Midlands Railway, CrossCountry, Great Western Railway, LNER, Greater Anglia, Gatwick Express and Southeastern.

30/07/2022 and 13/08/2022: Aslef Strike with 7 major rail companies

The strike collides with the start of the football season and affects the companies Arriva, LNER, Great Western, Greater Anglia, Hull Trains, Southeastern and West Midland Trains. It is expected that disruption will still impact Sunday morning trains. A follow-up strike happened on August 13 with the target to increase salary as some members didn’t get any rise since 2019.

21; 23; 25/06/2022: RMT strike in northern and south-west England, Wales and Scotland

On the main strike days, only about half of the connections will be available nationwide and only with limited service. All in all, about 15 rail companies in a large part of England, Scotland and Wales are affected by the RMT action. The main long-distance services should be available. But on the rest of the open routes, trains will only run between 7.30 AM and 6.30 PM. On Tuesday, by the way, there will also be a tube strike in London.

Is your train affected?

Fortunately, for longer distances, the UK is very well-connected by an extensive long-distance coach network. With CheckMyBus coach search engine, you will find all the coach options available with just few clicks, all in one search.

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What are the Strikes About?

While there have been various reasons for the strikes, the most reoccurring issues involve, wages, working conditions, job security and changes to the railway sector. The precise causes for each strike may differ, depending on the conditions and demands of the striking employees or their union.

Train Strikes Walkout

Train Strike Alternatives

While the number of train strikes and disruptions due to engineering works seem to be both frequent and sporadic, there are still ways to get where you need to go! A bit of preparation can go a long way. By looking up timetables ahead of time and considering alternative modes of transport, you can save yourself a lot of hassle in case of any rail disruption.

Train Strikes Bus Alternative

Thanks to the UK’s extensive network of long-distance coach connections, it is way easier than ever to travel to cities and airports throughout the country. Between train strikes and frequent engineering works, the bus is often the most reliable way to get around.

Coach Companies

National Express


National Coverage. Popular routes include:



National Coverage. Popular routes include:




Coverage in Scotland. Popular routes include:

Oxford Bus Company

Airport transfers

Are you worried that rail disruptions during the train strikes will affect your journey to the airport? Don’t stress! Many coaches and airport transfers travel to airports throughout the country so you can still catch your flight on time.



Connects to Airport and London Stansted Airport. Popular routes include:



Connects to London Luton Airport and London Gatwick Airport. Popular routes include:

Thanks to the UK’s extensive network of long-distance coach connections, it’s easier than ever to travel to cities and airports throughout the UK.

Train Strikes Compensation FAQ

Looking for compensation? Depending on your circumstances, there are different ways you might be able to claim money back after a train delay or cancellation.

compensation with strikes

Can I get my money back if my train is delayed or cancelled?

Yes, if your delay or cancellation lasts at least 15 or 30 minutes (depending on the company), you’ll be eligible to request a full or partial refund. Be sure to check with the train company to make sure that the Delay Repay compensation scheme is valid for your trip.

If my train is cancelled because of a strike, can I claim compensation?

You are entitled to a change or refund if you have an advance ticket on the day of the strike and your service is cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled. To get your money refunded, you must contact the original seller of your ticket.

Red Light Train Strikes

What happens if I have a season ticket and the train is late or cancelled because of a strike?

Season ticket holders are eligible to get a refund with Delay Repay scheme for the days when they are unable to travel due to strike action.

coach departure and delay due to strike

Do I have to get a rail voucher back in place of cash?

After having a bad experience with your rail journey, it’s natural you might not be keen to go back for more. This is especially true when you have to book another mode of transport to get to your destination. When making your claim, you should have the option to select cash or a voucher. If this is unclear during the process, you may have to explicitly communicate that you want cash back as sometimes vouchers are the default.

If my train is delayed because of engineering works, can I get a refund?

Train companies typically publicize revised timetables well in advance with engineering works. Therefore reduced services, as inconvenient as they might be, can be readily expected. In such cases, the only way to get compensation is if the train is delayed by the standards set in the new timetables. However, if the engineering work extends past the set revised timetables, then compensation may be claimed based on the regular timetables. Companies signed up with the Delay Repay scheme are providing this.

If my train skips my station can I claim compensation?

Unfortunately, trains will sometimes skip smaller stations to stay on schedule for larger stops. If you’re delayed because a train doesn’t pick you up at your station, you can make a claim based on the time you were originally meant to arrive. Similarly, you can also claim compensation if your train doesn’t stop at your intended station and you need to get off somewhere else.

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