• 5 new ways we will travel after COVID-19


    We will travel again! However, what this will look like in the “new normal” is the question, we’re all asking. Lockdown measures due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will not last forever, and life will slowly move back into motion. The global price comparison portal CheckMyBus decided to gather facts and predictions about how travel will be shaped by the “new normal.” 1. Bus and Train instead of Plane Domestic and shorter trips will be at the top of the list among frequent bookings. Many travellers will avoid those queuing and checking situations at the airport that must be stricter to board a flight. In addition, bus companies are investing…

  • Safety measures for post-coronavirus travel


    Coach stations and airports around the world are resuming operations within the new reality of the pandemic. Among the new safety measures for post-coronavirus travel (COVID-19) adopted, the most common ones are an added emphasis on cleaning. This includes the use of gel alcohol, and is especially true for major touch points like handrails, elevator buttons and seats. In addition, audible warnings about symptoms and guidance from trained professionals are already part of many routines. See other highlights below: Travel protection Bus companies and airlines prepare their security protocols. Companies throughout Asia and Europe, where the virus first emerged and spread have already updated their safety measures for travel. This…

  • #BusForGood: The Heroes of the Coronavirus Crisis


    With the coronavirus outbreak, many around the world are urged to stay at home. And right now, even though it all seems like bad news, there’s still a lot of good going around that we’d like to highlight. Many of our modern-day heroes, such as emergency workers and healthcare professionals, still need to travel to and from work. Meanwhile, many travellers stranded abroad are looking for ways to get back to their home countries. Fortunately, in the face of this situation, some companies, bus drivers and staff have stepped up to support their communities and the people who serve them as a good testament of the phrase: we’re stronger together.…

  • Coronavirus: What to do if you’re travelling soon


    The spread of coronavirus in the United Kingdom has forced the government to take extraordinary measures to contain it. CheckMyBus is closely following the situation to update its users on what’s happening, and the consequences for coach transport.   Due to rapid changes in the situation, various administrations and businesses are producing frequent service updates, timetables and ticketing information. We strongly recommend you to only travel if it’s essential and to check the status of your trip in advance.We suggest passengers contact the operating companies directly regarding rescheduling tickets, cancellations and refunds.The British government urges UK citizens abroad to return home as soon as possible, especially while airlines around the…

  • 7 Tips to Prepare for Post-Brexit Travel

    Brexit post_HEADER Kopie

    Brexit has been extended to January 31st with the possibility of the UK leaving the European Union earlier if a deal is agreed on. While there is still a degree of uncertainty, that shouldn’t discourage you from planning a trip to the continent in 2020. There should be little disruption when travelling via coach, air or

  • Three Travel Risks to be Aware of in Worst Case Brexit Scenario

    Unless there is an extension, on 29 March the United Kingdom will leave the European Union whether an exit deal is in place or not. No matter what happens, the travel terms between the United Kingdom and the EU will change. In the event of a no deal Brexit, it’s essential for passengers to be prepared for

  • EU Calls for Higher Compensation for Rail Delays

    The self-imposed goal of a punctuality rate of 82% in long-distance traffic is, according to Deutsche Bahn CEO Richard Lutz, in the distant future. Time and time again, there have been delays. In August 2018, only 70% of long-distance trains arrived at their destination on time. Passengers affected by a train delay currently receive

  • British Rail Prices Projected to Rise by 3.2% in 2019

    On 15 August, rail fares were projected to increase by another 3.2% in January 2019. This comes despite calls from commuters and campaigners to freeze the fares after this year’s steep price hike of 3.6% coupled with a general lack of satisfaction due to frequent rail strikes. In May, timetable changes led to the cancellation of

  • Airlines Compete with Intercity Coaches for Affordable Travel

    Despite the recent price hike for British railways, airplane tickets are becoming closer to bus fares, opening up plenty of options for affordable travel, both domestic and abroad. In many cases, it’s actually cheaper to take a flight between two cities than it is to take the train, and this is often at a fraction of the time it would take to

  • National Express Forms New Partnership with Ouibus

    Four of the European giants of bus transport have decided to join forces to face competition in the international market. As the UK market leader, with over 20 million passengers each year, it’s only natural that National Express would eventually form a partnership with the leading provider in France, Ouibus, which