• 10 Tips to be a Responsible Traveller

    When travelling to far off places, it’s easy to get lost in your own experience, from the romance of seeing so many exciting new locales to the hustle to get from place to place. However, an exciting excursion to you is everyday life to someone else, and the choices we make as tourists can drastically affect

  • Driverless Buses to launch on Edinburgh to Fife Route by 2021

    In a 2020 trial, the world’s first full-sized fleet of self-driving buses will cross the Forth Road Bridge and run between Fife and Edinburgh. These buses hope to board passengers as early as 2021. According to UK Business secretary Greg Clark, “The UK is building on its automotive heritage and strengths to develop the new vehicles and technologies and from 2021 the public will get to experience the

  • Go-Ahead Buses Work to Improve Air Quality

    UK transport company Go-Ahead is not only working to reduce the carbon footprint of its buses but is hoping to actually fight air pollution with them. The company believes that buses can be a possible “solution to the air quality program.” Go-Ahead’s prototype will have a rooftop filter designed by Pall Aerospace, which produces similar systems for planes and marine systems. Last month, the company unveiled

  • The Majority of Surveyed Passengers Support Electric Buses

    In a survey conducted by Volvo, more than 1000 people around the UK were questioned to share their thoughts on transportation in the country. Participants included people who drive their own cars, bus passengers, rail passengers, taxi users, motorcyclists and pedestrians all over the age of 16, and they revealed their

  • Take the Bus to the World’s Greenest Countries

    Lately, there have plenty of news stories about the environment and the importance of reducing our ecological footprints. Many people all over the world are looking for ways to live their lives in an eco-friendly way, examining how their

  • Ants and Bees, New Allies of Ecological Buses

    From record breaking heatwaves to sporadic weather conditions, it can seem that nature is looking for some retribution against humans for their contributions to climate change. Scientists have issued a series of warnings to the drastic consequences if carbon emissions are not reduced with more ecologically friendly

  • Environmental objective 2030: reduce CO2 emissions by 40%

    The European Commission (EC) recently presented the new objectives for the Clean Mobility Package Horizon 2030. It sets out the environmental objectives that affect the passenger transport sector and the legislative measures that should be applied to all new vehicles from the year 2025. Although all new vehicles

  • Coffee Powered Buses in London

    After waking up in the morning, many of us turn to a warm cup of coffee to overcome our grogginess and take on the day. It’s a part of many people’s morning routines, but in a few years’ time, it may be that buses get their morning coffee as well. Bio-bean, a British startup, has teamed up with Shell Corporation and Argent Energy to work on a