• The City of York Introduces Electric Buses to Combat Air Pollution

    Between being caught up in daily routines and the excitement of holiday planning, it’s often easy to forget about the environmental impact our choices make. Travelling by coach rather than car is one decision that helps decrease the carbon emissions in the air by reducing traffic. Fortunately, cities like York

  • megabus discontinues luxury sleepercoach service

    The Scottish coach company megabus is known for low-cost tickets starting from only £1. Maybe this is one of the reasons why its luxury sleepercoach service could not quite convince UK travellers and will be discontinued on 21 May. The overnight coach service was launched in 2013 and has been connecting

  • Coach travel with children

    Taking the coach is one of the most affordable and eco-friendly ways of travelling but it can also be fairly time-consuming. If you’re an experienced traveller, then this won’t bother you too much but if you’re travelling with children, it’s a different scenario. This is why we came up with some pieces of advice

  • How Big Is Santa’s Carbon Footprint?

    The polar ice caps are melting which is why the CheckMyBus elves are getting a bit concerned. After all, their boss Santa travels around the whole world every year and that cannot really be such an eco-friendly endeavour. They couldn’t help but wonder: are flying reindeer a modern and low-emission

  • Taking the Car out of Cardiff: World Car Free Day in the UK and Worldwide

    Every year, on 22 September about 1,500 cities in 40 countries celebrate World Car Free Day. In order to cut down pollution and to reduce traffic and noise, cars are either banned from large parts of the city centres or other activities and competitions are offered which are meant to encourage the population

  • Go Green: Buy a Coach Ticket and Do Good

    Taking the coach is one of the eco-friendliest ways of travelling. According to recent figures of the German UBA (a federal environment agency) travellers opting for the coach only cause 32 grams of CO2 per kilometre while the train on average causes 41 grams. Both of them can be considered fairly green ways