• Rail Strike 2022: Coach as a Good Alternative


    Anyone who has to travel by train across the United Kingdom next week will need tough nerves due to the rail strike 2022. Around half of all rail services in south-west England, Scotland and Wales will be affected by a massive strike by the RMT rail union on 21, 23 and 25 June. As in previous years it’s worth switching to alternatives. Update 6th February 2023 Read more about: Alternative transport for train strikes in 2023 What to Expect During the Rail Strike 2022 Those who want to travel by train from London to Manchester or from Cardiff to Bristol next week should prepare for problems. On the main days…

  • EU Calls for Higher Compensation for Rail Delays

    The self-imposed goal of a punctuality rate of 82% in long-distance traffic is, according to Deutsche Bahn CEO Richard Lutz, in the distant future. Time and time again, there have been delays. In August 2018, only 70% of long-distance trains arrived at their destination on time. Passengers affected by a train delay currently receive

  • British Rail Prices Projected to Rise by 3.2% in 2019

    On 15 August, rail fares were projected to increase by another 3.2% in January 2019. This comes despite calls from commuters and campaigners to freeze the fares after this year’s steep price hike of 3.6% coupled with a general lack of satisfaction due to frequent rail strikes. In May, timetable changes led to the cancellation of

  • South Western Railways Continues to be Affected by Union Action

    After a series of rail strikes across the country throughout the month of January, rail passengers can expect disruptions and delays to continue into February as well. As ongoing disagreements about the role of guards on trains continue, more walkouts and strikes will be planned, and the next one is scheduled from

  • January 2018 Kicks off with More Rail Strikes

    2017 was a very difficult year for the British rail industry. Disputes over pay and job security have resulted in rail worker strikes all over the country, causing countless disruptions and delays for passengers. To make matters worse, British Rail Prices will rise 3.4 percent in 2018, which is the highest increase in five years. Unfortunately,

  • British Rail Prices will rise by 3.4% in 2018

    After a difficult year of delays, rail strikes and cancellations, it’s been announced that train fares throughout the United Kingdom will rise by an average of 3.4%. This is the largest price increase in five years, and has understandably been met with criticism all over the country as many people’s wages remain

  • Five Companies Face Walkouts on the Same Day as Rail Strike Chaos Continues

    The past few months have been a difficult time for the rail industry in the United Kingdom. Reoccurring strikes against multiple rail providers over pay disputes and the innovation of Driver Controlled Operation (DCO) trains remain serious issues for union members and rail companies. The strikes are compounded by

  • National Express Cruises Through Month of Delayed Railways

    This August marks a very tumultuous time for major railways throughout the UK. From the 5th through the 28th of the month, England’s largest railway station, Waterloo has closed half of its platforms due to engineering work. To make matters worse, delays on the route from London Paddington and Bristol Parkway will

  • Save more than 70 per cent as coaches keep Britain moving on Christmas

    The annual Christmas rail shutdown will leave many Brits clueless about how to get from A to B over the holidays. This year, however, might result in even more severe trouble for travellers: in addition to the lack of rail service on Christmas Day, a potential rail strike from Southern Railway, airport strikes and around