• Driverless Buses to launch on Edinburgh to Fife Route by 2021

    In a 2020 trial, the world’s first full-sized fleet of self-driving buses will cross the Forth Road Bridge and run between Fife and Edinburgh. These buses hope to board passengers as early as 2021. According to UK Business secretary Greg Clark, “The UK is building on its automotive heritage and strengths to develop the new vehicles and technologies and from 2021 the public will get to experience the

  • Stagecoach is Testing the UK’s first Driverless Bus

    One of the UK’s largest transport groups, Stagecoach, will be giving the UK’s first full-sized driverless bus a test trial later this year. Similar passenger test trials have already been conducted on small driverless vehicles in France, and China has already been testing larger driverless buses on Shenzhen roads. Stagecoach claims that

  • Autonomous Buses Arrive in Stockholm

    Earlier this year, tests of autonomous buses began in a real context on the streets of Stockholm’s financial district of Estocolomo. This autonomous driving project has put its shuttle minibuses to the test, sharing the streets with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. These buses run can at speeds of up to 24 km/h and form part of

  • Robot Buses and Flying Cars: What Does the Future Hold?

    Technological Innovations seem to know no bound, and popular staples of science fiction, such as self-driving buses and flying cars might make a stop in reality sooner than we think. The transport sector is constantly evolving with innovations, such as electric buses, which are becoming more and more