Reach the Stadium Parc des Princes by Coach

UEFA Euro 2016: Travelling to the Parc des Princes in Paris

UEFA Euro 2016: Reach the Stadium Parc des Princes by Coach


The Parc des Princes, located in the southwest of Paris, was originally a multi-purpose venue and featured a cycling track, which is why the Tour de France used to finish here. Before that, the area on which the current stadium is located, was used as royal hunting grounds – a fact to which the stadium’s name, which translates to “Princes’ Park”, still pays tribute.

Nowadays, the Parc des Princes is mostly known as the home stadium of the football club Paris Saint-Germain and as France’s most famous stadium next to the Stade de France. The Parc des Princes, which can hold 48,712 spectators, is widely regarded as one of the most atmospheric arenas in the world: The avant-garde inspired 1970s construction is said to mimic a washbowl which acoustically enhances the chants of the fans. This has resulted in the press frequently referring to the stadium as “the soundbox”. On particularly thrilling match days, you can even feel the floor ripple under your feet when the crowd is jumping. Five fixtures of the UEFA Euro 2016 will be held at PSG’s home ground.

Guide to the Parc des Princes for Disabled Supporters

The Parc des Princes in Paris provides 44 seats, which are easily accessible and reserved for fans with a disability or reduced mobility. The stadium is also equipped with 44 seats for accompanying persons. During the Euros, tickets can be bought for four different categories with disabled fans always being entitled to the cheapest ticket, which is a category 4 ticket.

Useful Information about the UEFA Euro 2016 venue Parc des Princes

  • Address: 24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud, 75781 Paris
  • Nearby Metro Stops: Porte de Saint-Cloud on line 9 or Porte d’Auteuil on line 10
  • Capacity: 48,712
  • Opened in: 1897
  • Current Tenant: Paris Saint-Germain

Cheap Bus Connections to the Stadium Parc des Princes in Paris

London ↔ Paris, Eurolines UK, from £10

Bristol ↔ Paris, megabus, from £34

Glasgow ↔ Paris, megabus, from £32

Euro 2016 Football Matches Played at the Parc des Princes

12 June 201614:00TurkeyvCroatiaGroup D0-1
15 June 201617:00RomaniavSwitzerlandGroup A1-1
18 June 201620:00PortugalvAustriaGroup F0-0
21 June 201617:00Northern IrelandvGermanyGroup C0-1
25 June 201617:00WalesvNorthern IrelandRound of 161:0


  • Huw

    hi, my dad is a wheelchair user who suffers from MS. He went to wales first 3 games and can stay for Paris for last 16 on Saturday 25th, but we cant get information on tickets. Can you help?

    • Avatar photo


      Hey Huw,

      if you’re question is regarding tickets to the actual game, then unfortunately we cannot help you. In this case, you’d have to contact UEFA directly.

      However, if you enquiring about buses from Toulouse to Paris, then there’s a few options for your dad. The connection is operated by FlixBus, OUIBUS, isilines and megabus. Of these four providers both megabus and OUIBUS provide vehicles with wheelchair spaces. Both of them, however, actually require you to contact them and to book the wheelchair space at least 48 hours in advance. Nevertheless, we would recommend you directly contact these providers as soon as possible to see whether there’s a wheelchair spot on connections from Toulouse to Paris available. Info regarding departure times and current prices can be found when you use our search engine. Simply type in your point of departure and arrival and look out for OUIBUS and megabus offers.

      Best of luck to Wales, by the way!

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus-Support

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